As the Libertarian candidate for County Judge of Bexar County, I promise to reduce government intrusion and increase personal liberty as I execute the office of Chairman of Commissioners Court.  The County Judge represents ALL of the county, not just a part of it.  Commissioners Court oversees all executive and administrative departments of the County Government, it is not a judicial court.

As a Libertarian how would I "run" the County ?

Libertarians believe that ALL Americans should be empowered with "freedom of choice."  We believe that taxes and unnecessary regulations restrict your freedom of choice.  I promise to work hard to eliminate unnecessary taxes, lower current taxes and eliminate unnecessary regulations.  Vigilance and hard work on my part, as your County Judge, will result in an empowered citizenry, able to pursue life, liberty and happiness.

I will do my part and ask that you do yours - VOTE Libertarian !

Rhett Rosenquest Smith

Libertarian Candidate for Bexar County Judge

 on Toll Roads and Streetcars

      "Libertarians field long slate" .. from

      Winning unlikely, but they hope to stir debate

      Libertarian candidates in November

      • U.S. Senate — Rebecca Paddock

      • U.S. Representative, District 20 — Jeffrey C. Blunt

      • U.S. Representative, District 21 — Ryan Shields

      • U.S. Representative, District 23 — Ruben Corvalan

      • U.S. Representative, District 28 — Will Aikens

      • U.S. Representative, District 35 — Cory W. Bruner

      • Governor — Kathie Glass

      • Lieutenant Governor — Robert D. Butler

      • Attorney General — Jamie Balagia

      • Comptroller — Ben Sanders

      • Land Commissioner — Justin Knight

      • Agriculture Commissioner — David “Rocky” Palmquist

      • Railroad Commissioner — Mark A. Miller

      • Supreme Court, Chief Justice — Tom Oxford

      • Supreme Court Justice, Place 6 — Mark Ash

      • Supreme Court Justice, Place 7 — Don Fulton

      • Supreme Court Justice, Place 8 — RS Roberto Koelsch

      • Court of Criminal Appeals Judge, Place 3 — Mark Bennett

      • Court of Criminal Appeals Judge, Place 4 — Quanah Parker

      • Court of Criminal Appeals Judge, Place 9 — William B. Strange III

      • Texas Senate, District 25 — Brandin P. Lea

      • State Representative, District 120 — Gilberto Villela

      • State Representative, District 121 — Jeff Carruthers

      • State Representative, District 122 — James Holland

      • State Representative, District 125 — Daniel Behrman

      • State Board of Education, District 3 — Josh Morales

      • Bexar County Judge — Rhett Rosenquest Smith

      • Bexar County Commissioner, Precinct 2 — Annette Anderson

      • Bexar County Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3 — Jason R. Pipoly

      Source: Libertarian Party of Texas

      They’ll advocate legalization of drugs, oppose San Antonio’s streetcar project and call for the free movement of people and goods across the Mexican border.

      General election candidates for federal, state and local offices have been selected by the Libertarian Party of Texas, the state’s third-largest political force, and each candidate will offer his or her own ideas to maintain individual rights and reduce government.

      While winning offices might be unlikely, Libertarians hope to stir debate and offer alternatives to the state’s major-party candidates in the November election.

      Libertarians will field contenders for all of Texas’ top offices, including U.S. senator, congressional seats and statewide offices of governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and others.

      In Bexar County, Libertarians will vie along with Democrats and Republicans for seats in the 2015 Legislature and the offices of county judge, county commissioner and justice of the peace.

      “Limited government can be the best government for our society,” said county judge candidate Rhett Smith, who ran for mayor five times and once for Congress under the Green Party banner.

      Issues that Smith hopes to raise in coming months include “streetcar, immigration, Obama-care, transparency in general,” he said Friday.

      Smith and other Libertarian candidates could face the usual problem of being excluded from forums involving the major parties’ nominees.

      As a “minor” party under state election law, Libertarians and the Green Party aren’t required to conduct primary elections; instead, they have conventions where delegates select candidates.

      About three dozen Bexar County Libertarians gathered in March to select local candidates before the state meeting was convened earlier this month.

      The party was assured of spots on the fall ballot because some of its candidates garnered more than 2 percent of the vote in recent statewide elections.

      The party’s state convention in Temple, which drew 220 delegates April 11-13, was twice the size of its 2012 gathering. It had a bit of controversy when some delegates wanted “none of the above” for governor rather than the eventual nominee, Houston attorney Kathie Glass.

      Glass, who also ran four years ago, was one of five seeking the nomination. Her campaign website describes her as a 30-year advocate for the liberty movement.

      “Our freedom is under assault like never before, with the most critical attacks coming from our out-of-control federal government. The recent federal takeover of our health care is just the most recent and — to date — most dangerous act of aggression on our individual sovereignty and our Texas state sovereignty,” she said.

      However, “regulars in the party felt her policies were perhaps not fully Libertarian,” Bexar Libertarian Party Chairman Gil Robinson said.

      The issue, he said, was Glass’ tough stance on immigration policy that clashed with the party’s new, more moderate plank.

      The updated immigration policy “basically said the Libertarian Party believes that movement of people should be as free as possible, as should movement of money and goods,” Robinson said.

      “The prior plank had a statement to the effect that there should be control of the border until the welfare state apparatus is dismantled,” he said.

      Other party stances remained unchanged, Robinson said. For instance, “we advocate for full legalization of drugs. Period.”

      A Travis County lawyer with a San Antonio office will represent the party in the attorney general’s race. Jamie Balagia, known as the “DWI Dude,” said he’ll offer two distinguishing positions.

      “I want to lead Texas in the fight to legalize cannabis,” especially medicinal marijuana, Balagia said. “If you decriminalize it, that still encourages the black market.”

      Secondly, he said he’ll push for police accountability by seeking mandatory taping of all encounters with residents.

      One of the party’s main goals is unchanged: influencing policy discussions, even without capturing offices through big-dollar campaigns.

      “We run on a shoestring. The Libertarian Party is not a party of wealthy people. Our bank account, locally, is just a couple of thousand (dollars),” Robinson said. Twitter: @johnwgonzalez

      “Our freedom is under assault like never before, with the most critical attacks coming from our out-of-control federal government.”
      Kathie Glass, Houston attorney and nominee for governor

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Duties of Bexar County Judge

Bexar County Libertarian Party Candidates

As County Judge

  1. I would stop all diversions of Advanced Transportation Funds ("illegal" diversions for Streetcars).  Voters in 2000 DEFEATED "Light Rail".  Streetcars run on Rails.  Voters were promised in 2004 that the ATD Tax would NOT be used for "Light Rail".  Commissioners and the County Judge (Nelson Wolff) have defied the Voters wishes by promoting a "Light Rail" Agenda AND for diverting funds from the ATD Tax to fund it !  I would work to reverse their actions and protect taxpayers from this boondoggle.
  2. I would investigate the possibility that a Streetcar cannot be built, because the Advanced Transportation District does not specifically state that they can build Streetcars.  Nelson Wolff, current County Judge promoted "Light Rail" and apparently, forgot to list "Streetcars" in the statute.  I believe promoters of Streetcars need to address the Catch 22 situation, they find themselves in by going to the Legislature next session and adding this option, or by calling an election.  Opponents of Streetcars should not be forced to petition for an election.  Commissioners need to put this issue on the ballot.
  3. I would ask for an investigation of VIA for their part in asking opponents of Streetcars at a meeting held on March 6 at Temple Beth El to leave the property (to distribute materials and get petitions signed.)  Opponents were told by VIA staff, that Temple Beth El requested that opponents not be allowed to pass out political material on the property.  Temple Beth El, Facilities Mgr, claimed that (VIA) not Temple Beth El, requested that opponents not be allowed on the property.  I would ask for an investigation of VIA to determine if they violated any laws and furthermore, would ask for a moratorium on all Streetcar contracts until it is determined they are proceeding according to law.  I would press for the replacement of VIA Board Members involved in any process that disallows public involvement.  Click Here for Open Records Request where VIA denies written contract with Temple Beth El.  The contract was requested to determine if Temple Beth El has a policy that disallows "political material" as purported by VIA personnel.
  4. I would stop Toll Roads by opposing all gas tax diversions.
  5. I would support a more transparent Commissioners Court, by authoring an ordinance that all Commissioners Court meetings be videotaped and these videos be available to the public, at request.
  6. I would use Zero Based Budgeting in every County taxing entity and department in Bexar County to lower taxes.
  7. I would request that ALL surrounding county governments help subsidize the University Health System which serves 21 Counties, but is paid for by only Bexar County.  Furthermore, I would reduce or eliminate the Univ Health System tax burden on Retired Veterans that use Veterans Hospitals, BAMC, and Wilford Hall.
  8. I would ask that ALL Unelected Boards be required to get ALL spending approved by elected officials.  I believe taxpayers need protection from unelected, unaccountable, handpicked Boards, such as the Regional Mobility Authority (a Toll Tax Authority) and VIA (a highly subsidized mass transit authority that continues to "push" Streetcars, despite exorbitant costs and public outcry).
  9. I would lower the Property Tax burden.  Currently the ad valorem tax rate is approx. 2.776339 per $ 100 for property owners in San Antonio (the following chart is for property taxpayers in NEISD):
  10. I oppose Red Light Cameras in all of Bexar County
    Map of Red Light Cameras in San Antonio
    Click Here

Express-News:  Bexar Property Values

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Birth Place : Ranger, TX
Born : 1950
Education : BA, Accounting, UT Austin
Professional : 1983 - Present Allied Barton Security, Inc.
1973 - 1977 Auditor, Department of Human Services, State of Texas
Military : 1979-1983 United States Navy


LULAC Resolution OPPOSING Water FluoridationLULAC Resolution OPPOSING Fluoridation

Rhett Smith attends 4/11/13 Council Meeting
to request that the city
support a resolution
to apologize for treatment of black slaves
and Texas indigenous peoples.

Fidel Castillo requests city support for legislation
protecting the Mission de Valero as a
sacred buriel site.

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